Ali Acerol “Stamps and Maps” at Sharq Gallery March 2017

I recently attended the reception for Sharq Gallery’s posthumous show for Ali Acerol. The Sharq Gallery was built by Nahid Massoud and Robert Rosenstone after 9-11, with a mission is to show the work of bicultural artists with roots in “The East.” The word “Sharq” means East in Arabic. The gallery is located in a residential neighborhood that overlooks the Pacific ocean, in the midst of a sustainable succulent garden, meticulously maintained by Massoud. This gallery is a light-filled, peaceful respite devoted to building bridges between cultures. Sharq has provided artists, writers, and musicians an inspirational performance venue since 2004. These artists have originated from Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Armenia, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, as well as the United States and Canada. Full Review