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I enjoyed updating my Wordpress Blog today, it has been awhile since I’ve had to time to summarize the projects I’ve been working on for two years. I’m sure I’ll keep posting here, but I just went with the flow on this older writing format.

Very excited to announce my new studio in Van Nuys

I’ve had a couple of very useful and meaningful studios in L.A. over the last three years; I’ll never forget Arlington Ave or The Muse Rooms in NOHO, and in 2013, I was lucky to spend a short time in the historic city of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Our family has finally found a large studio in Van Nuys, California for at least a year, hopefully longer! It is still under construction.

#bodylanguage at TAG - January 22 - February 16, 2019

I am honored to be showing soon with Farnaz Shadravan, who has shown mostly in San Francisco, and her debut show at TAG Gallery will allow L.A. to enjoy her incredible work. I moved up my scheduled show from June, when I turn 50, to January. It was to avoid the stress of an exhibition during my special birthday, and to open up exhibition space for new artists at TAG later in the calendar year.

I thought I would finally do the “TwoGether” solo show I’ve been meaning to market to other galleries, but then I chose the theme #bodylanguage after I took an exciting storyboarding class. Once I picked that theme, it opened up more possibilities, and corresponded with the life drawings I was reworking to paint on Styrofoam substrates (still in progress). Since then I’ve had other ideas for old gelatin prints, and a sculpture I did in college that resonates with the the work I’m doing now. Since 2016, I’ve been painting pop-style hearts to reflect different emotions, so I’ll be showing those too! I’m excited about this colorful and figurative show—it incorporates all the elements of my work and focus over the last three years. The TAG Gallery Reception for our show is Saturday, January 26th, 5pm - 8pm. I hope you can make it! My exhibit e-mail misstated the Artists’ Talk date, it will be Saturday, February 9, at 3pm.

Proud Model with Solar Panel, Plant-based Alkyd and Acrylic on Canvas, 20 in x 16 in, 2019

Proud Model with Solar Panel, Plant-based Alkyd and Acrylic on Canvas, 20 in x 16 in, 2019

Submissive Model with Solar Panel, Plant-based Alkyd and Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

Submissive Model with Solar Panel, Plant-based Alkyd and Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

Boxed, Found objects with prints, drawings, and paint, c.1990

Boxed, Found objects with prints, drawings, and paint, c.1990

Boxed, Detail, Found objects with prints, drawings, and paint, c.1990

Boxed, Detail, Found objects with prints, drawings, and paint, c.1990

Heart Series, Acrylic and Alkyd on Board, 12” x 12” each, 2016-2019, All 9 Sold 1/26/19 (Can be custom ordered, and custom varied)

Subconscious Art Practice

In the privacy of a studio, it’s easy to do work for fun, for the id of it, for the beauty or color of it. These three expressive abstract paintings were inspired by the color contrast, and the song “Low Tide” by XY&O, from Shimmer & Shade. They will show for the first time at TAG’s first Small Works Holiday Show, opening Dec. 1 (TBA). They are available then for $200, or $75 each.

Silk Lines, Acrylic on Canvas, 6in x 6in, 2018

Silk Lines, Acrylic on Canvas, 6in x 6in, 2018

Silk Lines II

Silk Lines II

Silk Lines III

Silk Lines III

Facebook is a nostalgic medium. It reminds us of what we found important years ago. Today Facebook produced an outlier for my art practice, an abstract watercolor I held on to for many years, never wanting to finish it. In 2016 I did a lot of marker work, and decided it was done. I gave it to my husband, because he loved it, and it reminds him of my life. Today I called it “Like a River” because so many of the themes in this piece have reoccurred in my art practice. Inside Imagi.Life Shop is a four-wall mural of water; An ocean, a dam, a river, and a reservoir. The second aspect I took from this work today, is that much of it was motivated by subconscious desires. Most of my paintings are a result of research and evidence, but for work like this I let myself make any shape, any form, that I enjoy.

Like a River, 6in x 9in, Private Collection, 2016

Like a River, 6in x 9in, Private Collection, 2016

The Harmon Brothers, who I had the pleasure of meeting at VidSummit this year, made a great video about the importance of tapping into our subconscious creativity:

Your Subconscious is your Super Power https://www.facebook.com/sellnotsellout/videos/2135479813336176/

Mother Art Show, Sayville, NY

If you are in the Sayville, NY Friday night, please stop in and see the Mother Art Show opening!   I can't wait to see all the work at Mother Art Show in pictures, or later this month.  The following paintings were accepted:

Blue Earth, Acrylic, Oil, and Ink on Linen, 40 x 40 in, 2016

Blue Earth, Acrylic, Oil, and Ink on Linen, 40 x 40 in, 2016

Blue Earth was inspired by the song “Ship to Wreck” by Florence + Machine. In the part where she says she can’t help but wrap the earth around her, I pictured children doing just that.  I had done a project with my son illustrating the earth, and found it both simple and profound.

This was in a show at TAG Gallery, L.A. in January 2017, Blue Earth, which addressed resistance to the newly elected federal administration on fossil fuel expansion, and social justice.  I didn't have many people talk to me about the details of this painting, but one man assumed that the children represented here were African, so I added the silver swoosh to show that these two black children represent American children affected by climate change, and bad policies surrounding public water in neighborhoods. 

In L.A., local politicians have suppressed medical data showing the toxicity of gasoline fumes around oil refineries.  We need more people and businesses and banks to demand the shut down of polluting refineries in low income neighborhoods, and pipelines on Indian lands, or under Midwestern rivers, and to stop bomb trains transporting lethal fuels for other countries.

Many of the people affected by the pollution of oil and gas do not have enough political or economic power to change our policies, and we need to elect those who do (like Maria Estrada, in CA District 65) and to speak up and pressure our peers to turn on renewables, remake our cities and towns for affordable, clean energy, and turn off poisonous fossil fuels.  Even some Republicans have observed that there are no other options for humankind, and know climate change is real, and understand that the consensus among the majority of scientists on this, and the rest of the world, is meaningful.  Lancaster, CA elected a Republican Mayor that is leading on solar power independence.  Germany has invested in solar and successfully changed it's energy profile with the help of government direction.

The moss covered blanket was inspired by materials in my studio, and is painted with oils over acrylic.  The gold book is purposefully tilted to show the unstable and threatening way some people, motivated by fossil fuel profits, attack science and evidence about climate change.  

Recent News: Fracking co moves to low income neighborhood

Protector II, Acrylic and Ink on Board, 2016

Protector II, Acrylic and Ink on Board, 2016

Protector II is a self-portrait of me with my son, who loves reusing and recycling, and stated that he was a conservationist when he was 11.  The W stands for the amazing photographer Denise Winters, who captured this portrait of us.  Protector II is part of my Twogether series that emphasizes the importance of intimate relationships, and how people protect each other.  "Protectionism" has negative associations in gender and international relationships, but we live in an increasingly challenging world of disappearing resources and wealth inequality, in addition to the historic, systemic injustices people endure, that began before the added stress of climate change, Globalization, and 9-11. 

More and more we need to protect ourselves and our communities, our children, and vulnerable people from dehumanizing forces, we need to protect Democracy.   Loneliness, hate and violence are affecting our youth like never before, as a society we need to provide them with education, skills, and empathy, to build a an increasingly sustainable and more compassionate world. 



Mother Art Show

May 4 - 24, 2018

Diary Improv tonight!

Nicole Schubert, producer, freelance writer and published author of YA novel Blue Harps Green generously invited me to read my 15-year old diary for the collaborative improv she and so many talented comedians produce each month!  It is the Westside Comedy Theater's Diary Improv. I was also inspired to illustrate that girl (below) who catalogued so many stories about small town life. The entrepreneur and talented Samantha Heilig is also reading tonight.  We don't know who will read first until tonight!


Please join us as TAG hosts our Artists' Panel followed by a #courageresistance meeting this Saturday (1/14) at 3pm. 

My show Blue Earth is up now, along with Tom Wheeler’s Light Lab 2017 and TAG’s New Artists for this year.

Blue Earth and Light Lab 2017 is on display until January 21, with a Closing Reception from 5-8.

For directions visit: taggallery.com


January 11, 2017 I joined TAG Gallery this year, and it is a non-profit artists’ collective that runs just like a privately owned gallery. It is such a wonderful fit for my work, and I enjoy that the sales that happen there benefit artists and the local community.

Most of the galleries at Bergamot are privately owned and also include high quality work. The community has an opening happening almost every night!  Bergamot has a full-menu cafe. Many galleries have closed because a Metro-Rail stop went in there.  A whole set of buildings was eliminated for it.  TAG Gallery is in the planning stages to move soon, because the rents have increased.

Relocating from NJ, making our new home in CA #reboot2016

There are so many things to say, so many people to thank, so many good friends we now love from NJ, and who know we are not saying good-bye. Our 5th grade son graduated today and that was an amazing event for all of us.  Today we will send our South Korea Town (SOKO) Studio lease in the mail to experience in July.  More news soon.  Happy 4th of July!

Philadelphia 2016

Pleased to find out one of my jobs this week is to secure travel for our family to Philadelphia this July for the Democratic Convention to help nominate Bernie Sanders. Sanders is the only President with a shot at revolutionizing our country to make it more accountable, ethical, humane and peaceful.  No other leading candidate has these goals. Update: We'll be there in spirit; we can't make the Mon/Tues scheduling.

TwoGether 2016 Postponed to 2017

“I, recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone, I certainly do.”
Alanis Morisette, You Learn

The exhibition we were planning for early June has been postponed indefinitely.  We got off to a good start, but we did not get enough commitments to justify the amount of work it would take to pull off a significant exhibition.  Hopefully, we can build on the work we've started and create an exhibition that will benefit humanistic art, in L.A. or NYC.  2017.




Our family has helped me spend the last year and a half exploring the history of art, as well as my own work, and watched me develop into a part-time graphic design assistant for an independent art director.  We also have two children and lots of homework every day.  I hope to spend the next few months on a new painting series that does something new for me, and I'm very excited; I will lighten my palette and explore color for it's own sake, and hope to use line to represent intimate and expressive emotions.  I'm just not sure exactly what that will look like...yet.


New Jersey's SCORE professional education series class "The 6 Steps Plan to e-Publishing," by children's author Ally Nathaniel lit a fire under me this week.  Nathanial has published many beautiful and thoughtful children's books through Amazon, at least one of which fulfills the recent critical opining that children's literature is sorely lacking images of people of color.  I enjoyed a copy of My Spring Day last night. http://amzn.to/1nZUY5S

Another author and accomplished illustrator who includes diversity in her work is Elizabeth Sayles.  I really enjoyed and recommend her recent illustrated book Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree by Jane Kohuth. http://amzn.to/1uCzBrP  And I've preordered What Mary Jo Shared.

I've been inspired to publish old artists books I made and create new books for fun and to market my own work. 


Max Beckmann and CSUN

The past few weeks I've been feverishly working to finish Lynn Lampert's order for a study of Max Beckmann's Synagogue.  Lynn is CSUN Oviat Library's Interim Assoc. Dean, historian, and voracious reader.  It was thrilling for me to deliver a crated painting to her Friday and we were both excited to see it hanging in her office by lunchtime.  She has admired Beckmann's work since the 1990s, especially the St. Louis' Museums collection of this prolific German Expressionist.  I was awed by the physicality of his technique and curious about the symbolism and realism I found copying his work. I'll write more about this in the week. 

I also need to say how shocked and sad I am about the hazing victim at CSUN last week--I hope the fraternity is held deeply accountable in order to prevent more of these deaths..

Leaving for Memphis

Martin Luther King, Jr was shot in Memphis. That knowledge put a sad note on a girls trip I've been looking forward to for months.  I will definitely visit the memorial and I feel so much compassion for the Tennesseans who must so often be reminded of this tragic history.  I'm also very excited to see three of my childhood friends tomorrow, and we're meeting for dinner at the Hollywood (-; http://thehollywoodcafe.com/

Enjoying New Jersey

We moved northeast only last November, and it's taken some time to settle in, but our family is so happy with our school and our neighborhood and always enjoying the summer weather after a rough winter!  I've moved my studio three times since we've been here, but it's finally settling down and I'm working comfortably in pockets all over our new home, with lots of art storage and a gym in our basement!  I've recently started using Thumbtack to find new clients and it seems like a really good way to launch a new business for those who are prepared to do so.  Cheers! Karen