Please join us as TAG hosts our Artists' Panel followed by a #courageresistance meeting this Saturday (1/14) at 3pm. 

My show Blue Earth is up now, along with Tom Wheeler’s Light Lab 2017 and TAG’s New Artists for this year.

Blue Earth and Light Lab 2017 is on display until January 21, with a Closing Reception from 5-8.

For directions visit:


January 11, 2017 I joined TAG Gallery this year, and it is a non-profit artists’ collective that runs just like a privately owned gallery. It is such a wonderful fit for my work, and I enjoy that the sales that happen there benefit artists and the local community.

Most of the galleries at Bergamot are privately owned and also include high quality work. The community has an opening happening almost every night!  Bergamot has a full-menu cafe. Many galleries have closed because a Metro-Rail stop went in there.  A whole set of buildings was eliminated for it.  TAG Gallery is in the planning stages to move soon, because the rents have increased.