Mother Art Show, Sayville, NY

If you are in the Sayville, NY Friday night, please stop in and see the Mother Art Show opening!   I can't wait to see all the work at Mother Art Show in pictures, or later this month.  The following paintings were accepted:

Blue Earth, Acrylic, Oil, and Ink on Linen, 40 x 40 in, 2016

Blue Earth, Acrylic, Oil, and Ink on Linen, 40 x 40 in, 2016

Blue Earth was inspired by the song “Ship to Wreck” by Florence + Machine. In the part where she says she can’t help but wrap the earth around her, I pictured children doing just that.  I had done a project with my son illustrating the earth, and found it both simple and profound.

This was in a show at TAG Gallery, L.A. in January 2017, Blue Earth, which addressed resistance to the newly elected federal administration on fossil fuel expansion, and social justice.  I didn't have many people talk to me about the details of this painting, but one man assumed that the children represented here were African, so I added the silver swoosh to show that these two black children represent American children affected by climate change, and bad policies surrounding public water in neighborhoods. 

In L.A., local politicians have suppressed medical data showing the toxicity of gasoline fumes around oil refineries.  We need more people and businesses and banks to demand the shut down of polluting refineries in low income neighborhoods, and pipelines on Indian lands, or under Midwestern rivers, and to stop bomb trains transporting lethal fuels for other countries.

Many of the people affected by the pollution of oil and gas do not have enough political or economic power to change our policies, and we need to elect those who do (like Maria Estrada, in CA District 65) and to speak up and pressure our peers to turn on renewables, remake our cities and towns for affordable, clean energy, and turn off poisonous fossil fuels.  Even some Republicans have observed that there are no other options for humankind, and know climate change is real, and understand that the consensus among the majority of scientists on this, and the rest of the world, is meaningful.  Lancaster, CA elected a Republican Mayor that is leading on solar power independence.  Germany has invested in solar and successfully changed it's energy profile with the help of government direction.

The moss covered blanket was inspired by materials in my studio, and is painted with oils over acrylic.  The gold book is purposefully tilted to show the unstable and threatening way some people, motivated by fossil fuel profits, attack science and evidence about climate change.  

Recent News: Fracking co moves to low income neighborhood

Protector II, Acrylic and Ink on Board, 2016

Protector II, Acrylic and Ink on Board, 2016

Protector II is a self-portrait of me with my son, who loves reusing and recycling, and stated that he was a conservationist when he was 11.  The W stands for the amazing photographer Denise Winters, who captured this portrait of us.  Protector II is part of my Twogether series that emphasizes the importance of intimate relationships, and how people protect each other.  "Protectionism" has negative associations in gender and international relationships, but we live in an increasingly challenging world of disappearing resources and wealth inequality, in addition to the historic, systemic injustices people endure, that began before the added stress of climate change, Globalization, and 9-11. 

More and more we need to protect ourselves and our communities, our children, and vulnerable people from dehumanizing forces, we need to protect Democracy.   Loneliness, hate and violence are affecting our youth like never before, as a society we need to provide them with education, skills, and empathy, to build a an increasingly sustainable and more compassionate world. 



Mother Art Show

May 4 - 24, 2018