Looking for Art Partners for a Sustainable Shipping Business!

I’ve created a fictional business on-line, and will plan the physical details when I have a city partner. I’ll be shipping a piece to NY for a show in August, and I have work in NY that I will probably have to ship home, or somewhere else in a month or so.

It would be great to partners with active, energetic artists in New York, who have time to pick-up, sustainably package (recycled products and paper), and deliver art, and I will do the same in L.A., and have a potential partner returning here in July.

I think the business would need to be competitive with established art handlers, and offer lower cost handling fees that we would share 50/50.

It’s presently set up the website with my Imagi.Life links right now (my sustainable retail business) but can easily be a showcase for art partners involved in this sustainable project.

Who’s In?